Jordan Dimov IS a business software engineer and consultant for fast-growing companies and government organisations worldwide. HE IS THE FOUNDER OF A115

Reminder to myself

I am a child of God. I am the infinite glory of God, manifested in physical form. God is not around me, not above me, not in me… God is me.

Dwelling in the divine perfection of this physical world, I do not seek, for I have been graciously given full, unrestricted access to all things and all knowledge that I may desire. All I have to do is turn my attention to what I want next. Nothing is ever hidden from me, nothing is off-bounds.

Knowing my origin, secure in my roots, I have no fears, for the love and compassion of God for His children is all-encompassing and ever present. I can step on the wrong foot.. and still be home.

My thoughts are always clear and my actions sure-footed. I enjoy making choices. This is my favourite thing about the world - it always offers such a wide variety of choices. I am free from judgement. God never once judged me, so I do not judge. Right and wrong are meaningless to me, so I am naturally good at making choices. At defining and re-defining my preferences, what I like, what I want, what I believe in. Where I want to go next. I will never tire of playing this game. I am a work in progress - always incomplete, yet always perfect.

I like to wander where there is no path. I exist at the leading edge of thought, where no-one has stepped before. I do not find this endless virgin field disorienting - I find it liberating. This is my comfort zone. It is where I belong.

I subscribe to no religion. I am devoted to my faith.

On new (entrepreneurial) beginnings