Focus on all that is well. Do more of what is working. Be more of who you are. 

Focus on all that is well. Do more of what is working. Be more of who you are. 

About me (in a word)

My philosophy about life (and business) can be summed up in one word: alignment. When your goals, your thoughts, your actions and your expectations are all aligned, there is not a power in the world that can stop you. 

Working with large and small organisations as a business and technology consultant, I have come to understand that there is one area of focus, which pays off better than anything else. Aligning business processes with the most fundamental values and objectives of the business, in a way that is transparent within and across departments, makes dealing with other problems easier and often unnecessary. Technology, if used right, can be an incredible facilitator of transparency and alignment.

When building or training a team, the most important thing to me is making sure that personalities, skills and responsibilities are aligned. When someone is good at what they do, you don't move them to another position - you give them all the space and resources they need to flourish - to grow from good to great. 

I am a father of 3 amazing daughters. Parenting can be a daunting occupation, full of joy and sprinkled with frustration. Frustration comes at moments when your children are not doing what you would want them to be doing. Joy comes when you remember that it is not their job to do what you want - it is their job to do what they want, so they can become more of who they are. I am then once more reminded that my role as a parent is to focus on one thing and one thing alone: encouraging personal alignment. 

One who has a perfect store of glory,
But does not maintain the glory of the Dharma,
Will only propagate sorrow.
This is like eating fine food that is mixed with poison.

One who has the glory of the Dharma,
But becomes isolated on account of the glories of the world,
Will be of no help for anyone else.
This is like a precious jewel encased in a shell.

One who has a perfect store of both of these
Will succeed in their grand objectives,
Both for themselves and others.
This is how precious jewels, when handled skillfully,
Naturally make things beautiful.
— Chogyal Phagpa, “A Rosary of Gemstones”