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Whether your organization is embarking on a new venture or is keen to reduce costs and improve quality, efficient use of information technology makes all the difference in the modern enterprise. Since 2007, A115 has been in the business of helping market leading companies, governments and SMEs worldwide achieve sustainable competitive advantage by applying cutting edge technological innovation to challenging enterprise problems.

Quality, reliability, security

Our commitment to quality allows us to turn bold ideas and dreams into reality, to conquer new frontiers and to make life easier, richer and more enjoyable. The primary focus of our company is the development and implementation of enabling, socially-significant IT projects. Using cutting-edge technologies and research into Software Quality Management, we create intelligent information systems and software for infrastructure projects, as well as IT solutions for e-Government, electronic healthcare, business process management, communications, e-Commerce, banking, trading, insurance, marketing and entertainment. We pride ourselves on having built an extraordinary team of experts and valuable worldwide partners, consistently delivering high productivity and reliable, secure solutions.

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A115 provides agile software development, enterprise IT services and consulting worldwide since 2007.